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Everything we do is about you. Our story began in 2017. We have progressively grown since. Today, we are privileged to connect with thousands of satisfied consumers around the country.

Figura has successfully established its brand as a trusted HALAL beauty and care product. It has always been our commitment to producing quality, safe and certified research products for the consumers.

To become the world’s most trusted, recognized, and safest brand. We wish to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real supplements.

Our vision and commitment towards Figura, and all the products within its quality, are dedicated and committed to ethical and responsible sourcing practice lined up with KKM standards and protocol, human health, and safety. We also strictly adhere to the guidelines to ensure our products can retain the Halal certification. We are committed to ensure all of our products in the market can be consumed without any doubt and hesitation.

Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr Abdul Latiff Mohamad 

Faculty Science and Technology

The National University of Malaysia

Professor Dr.Hajah Wan Aida Binti Wan Mustapha

Center for Biotechnology and Functional Food 

The National University of Malaysia

Who created Figura Products?

We are able to develop great products because of our experts. As we pave the road to the future, please meet some of the experts that make Figura works.  There is significant evidence that losing excess body fat is difficult for most people. Thus, Figura with the help of our experts has created our very own product.



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